Yahoo WH Correspondent Disturbed Conservatives Were Upset About Killing of Uber Eats Driver Mohammad Anwar

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Many people were very troubled by the video showing the killing of 66 year old Mohammad Anwar, allegedly by two teenage girls, ages 13 and 15, trying to carjack him. They allegedly tasered him and then took off in the care which crashed in the process, killing Anwar.

Warning: graphic.

It was particularly troubling given the disregard for human life and one of the teens being more concerned about her phone than she seemed to be about Mr. Anwar. CNN set some people on edge by referring to the incident as an “accident.”

Many also felt great sympathy for him and his family, that he was just trying to make a living and provide for his family when he was killed.

But that apparently annoyed a Yahoo White House correspondent, Hunter Walker.

Apparently you’re not allowed to discuss the race of the alleged perpetrators unless they’re white. But in any event it’s Democrats who seem constantly focused on race, who seem to make everything about race when the story is really about humanity.

I’m confused. Isn’t this guy trying to make some bad political argument using Mr. Anwar’s death? Seems to me that Republicans were talking about how the accused seemed to not care about his life, how sad and tragic that was. But suddenly, it’s Republicans who are bad for being concerned? And they’re all far right?

It’s always the fault of Republicans even when it isn’t about Republicans. ‘Republicans pounce.’

Walker was even mad at the Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi for “stoking more far right narratives.”

Not a good look all the way around, it’s not about Republicans or him, it’s about Mr. Anwar. Here’s the GoFundMe where you can donate.

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